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Astrology: 6 Simple Ways To Survive Mercury In Retrograde

Your Mercury Retrograde Survival Guide During this time, Mercury slows down and appears to spin backward, hence the retro in Mercury retrograde. In astrology, Mercury rules communication, travel and technology – which means all of these areas can be affected (AKA: go haywire ) for about three weeks each retrograde period. Lovely, huh? This year, messenger planet Mercury is traveling retrograde from July 26 until August 19, and again come November 17 to December 6. You may have noticed its influence personally with things like air travel delays , fine print flubs, cringe-worthy miscommunications and texting mix-ups. And that’s where it gets its dreaded hot-mess of a reputation! But Mercury retrograde doesn’t fully deserve it’s bad rap, especially if you know how to work with it and not against it. Instead of starting something new, this is a period of time ideal for focusing on everything “re” – reviewing, reflecting, renewing , reevaluating, reconnecting and reuniting. Let that take shape with your personal commitments, friendships, career goals and everything in-between. And with a little extra caution, you can easily avoid any annoying accidents and messy mistakes.

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